Wedding order of service suggestions

Suggested Bible Readings

You have an abundance of choices open to you although a few suggestions are:

Genesis 1.26-28                                                                                     Psalms

Jeremiah 31.31-3                                                                                  psalm 67

Romans 7.1,2,9.18                                                                                 psalm 121

Romans 12.1,2,9-13                                                                              psalm 127

1 Corinthians 13                                                                                   psalm 128

1 John 3.18 to the end

1 John 4.7-12

Ephesians 3.14 to the end

Ephesians 5.21 to the end

Philippians 4. 4-9

Matthew 5. 1-10

Matthew 10. 6-9, 13-16

John 2.1-11

John 15.1-8

John 15.9-17                                                      All can be discussed at your rehearsal with the minister who will perform a ceremony, they will help and advise in anyway they can. You could also use a family favourite that may mean something to you. A suitable poem could also be an option.

There is also a choice of hyms for your wedding day

The best hyms will be the ones you and your guests already know, below are a few suggestions to consider:

Love divine all loves excelling

Lead us heavenly Father lead us

Praise my soul the king of heaven

Now thank  we all our God

All things bright and beutiful

Lord of all hopefulness

O Jesus I have promised

Amazing Grace

Morning has broken

At the name of Jesus

Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart

Immortal invisible God only wise

Let all the world in every corner sing

The Lord's my shepherd

One more step along the world I  go

Lord of the dance

Give me joy in my heart

He's got the whole world in his hands

Shine Jesus shine

 Traditional entrance music                                                               Traditional music on leaving

Bridal March (Lohengrin-Wagner)                                                       Wedding March (Mendelssohn)

Trumpet Voluntary                                                                                 Toccata  (Widor)

Trumpet Tune and Air-Purcell


Please ask at the time of booking about your choice of music. We will need to know what will be used when signing the register as well. You can choose a tune from a CD or the Organist will play the music of your choice providing he has the sheet music.